Khamis, 30 September 2010

My Life in next 10 Consecutive Years


It has been so long since i updated this blog. Thousand apologies for those who kept viewing my blog. I am unable to provide just enough time for myself to update any information though i have a lot to share. Plus, the internet is not in a good condition.

This time, i would like to share some of my future plan. Ive been thinking about this for along time. Last Tuesday, my team LC (Lakar Citra) Design Enterprise entered into Innova Business Planning (BS) Competition. My team and other two team was chosen from 12 competitors as the best three group to present our BS.

Alhamdulillah, my team was nominated as the best Business Planning Group. Hey, we won first place, who would think that a bunch of Law student manage to overcome other student from various faculty in business (haha, some say law students are suck at math...). This is when i finally decide that i should make a precise planning of my life to succeed in the future.

This maybe foolish to some student, but nothing is wrong to try. We are not going to lose anything. This is generally what i think i may achieve for the next 10 years.

1) Already Perform Hajj

2) Having a capacity to support my family ( father + mother + brothers )

3) Having a Stable financial job

4) Pursuing my study in M.A level after 4-5 years of practicing

5) Friends :

Group of Lawyers
Group of Lecturers
Group of Muslims Activist
Group of Muslims scientist ( in ict and food industry )
Group of Mufti
A Sabahan Teacher
An Engineer from North Korea
A Doctor graduated from Cairo
A Singaporean Entrepreneur
A Qari' From Syubra Eqypt
* the list is not exhaustive

Allah swt had states in the Holy Quran:

و مكروا و مكر الله والله خير الماكرين

" they will plan what ever they want and Allah will also plan, and you should know that Allah is the best planner "

Thus we should plan our life and try to achieve what we plan. May Allah bless everything that plan and shall be reward accordingly.

Rabu, 15 September 2010

What is Muka Buku...?


What good does FB give...

1) Unlimited stock of Friends
2) Unlimited stock of Issues
3) Reunite those who lost contact
4) Improve our comment skills
5) Increase number of comments in blog (due to their habit of commenting)
6) Reduce the usage of phone credit (totally...)
7) Help in making/collecting statistic (though not very precise)

What harm does FB give...

1) Your privacy is on the risk (because you never read the term service)
2) 24 hour "online sin" (as they post a picture with improper attire "aurah")
3) You are under 24 hour supervision (either from parent,employer,most of all, enemy)
refer to this site
4) May violate your Intellectual Property (photos and videos as they claim theirs)
5) FB as a company have a tendency to sell your information to other companies
6) This Is More About Facebook's Market Share Than User Happiness

What should you do now...

1) Read the term of service (i've try and i found it difficult to digest it)
2) Avoid/reduce posting your private information
3) Avoid/reduce posting your photo (which you thing improper)
4) Think before publishing your thought coz it may cost your living (if the employer hate it)


Thus we need to reconsider ourselves on what basis we benefit from FB. Use it wisely and protect your privacy. I am not going to persuade others to delete their profile but please be extra cautious when you surf it.

Selasa, 14 September 2010

Pesan Berpesan di Bulan Syawal


Daripada Mughirah bin Syu'bah r.a., Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. bersabda: Sesungguhnya Allah membenci tiga perkara:" Dikatakan dan orang itu berkata (gosip), Membuang Harta dan Banyak Bertanya. "

(Hadith Sohih diriwayatkan oleh Bukhari dan Muslim)

Syarah Hadith:

1) Dikatakan dan orang itu berkata:

Bermaksud dua insan yang saling berbicara tentang perihal orang lain yang tidak memberikan manfaat kepadanya. Saling berbincang tentang perihal individu yang berunsur privacy. Lebih kepada rancangan seperti Melodi, Galaksi dan yang seangkatan dengannya. Maka adalah terbaik untuk kita menjauhi perkara sia sia dibulan Syawal ini.

2) Membuang Harta:

Perkara ini sangat jelas dan tidak memerlukan huraian. Di bulan Syawal ini, tersangat sinonim lah amalan membuang harta dengan adat bermain dengan mercun. Kepada abang abang dan kakak kakak yang mempunyai adik adik yang sedang asyik bermain mercun, maka nasihat nasihatkanlah...

3) Banyak Bertanya:

Banyak bertanya disini bermaksud pertanyaan yang tidak bermanfaat. Banyak bertanya sering dikaitkan dengan perangai orang yahudi yang banyak persoalannya tatkala Nabi Allah Musa mengarahkan mereka mencari seekor lembu. Kepada adik adik kita yang bakal mengambil peperiksaan UPSR pada minggu hadapan (21 Sept 2010), haruslah menumpukan segala persoalannya kepada yang berkaitan dengan madah peperiksaan, dan ia tidak termasuk dalam katagori banyak bertanya dalam hadith diatas...


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